Seattle’s Psych-Pop Groove

“(Their) Performance is a wake-up kick in the face. (Which is to say, it was great.)” KEXP

BD+theSheeks are a band that are constantly evolving. On June 14th 2017 they released their long awaited 2nd Album “1, 2 AND A 3” featuring popular Psych-Synth Songs from the past 2 years plus a whole new feel with their singles “No One Else” and “What have I done”. Fans of the band enjoyed their driving beats, synth groove and howling vocals from front man Branden Daniel. A big change since their debut Album “Keep Em Flying” in 2012 with it’s raw-garage Rock n’ Roll style. This new album sets a drastic contrast for the band’s sound.


Five years ago their debut Album Keep Em Flying moved Audiences with Garage Rock hammers and were voted 2013 Top Ten bands on SiriusXM’s Underground Garage. In 2015 BD & the Chics released a 7” titled “In Light” which not only debuted their new dynamic sound but brought more success to the band then they’d ever experienced before. In Light was picked up by KEXP, Chicago’s Fearless radio, multiple College Radio stations nationwide, SiriusXM and even Tokyo’s InterFM. MtvU put the “In Light” Music Video on Heavy Rotation in 2015. Massive press and articles on the band followed including a feature Article in the Huffington Post, along with a Licensing and Soundtrack placement in the 2015 Miramax Film “Ditch Party”. A fiery frenzy has just begun for this Original band and their new direction.

Experimenting with bassist and multi-instrumentalist Nate Kruz playing Keys and Branden Daniel switching from Guitar to Bass.  The band found a new sound with a new appeal that was evident to the group from their Live Audience’s excitement. Knowing they needed these songs on Vinyl immediately, they went to Seattle’s Litho Studios with Producer Tom Biller (Karen O, Kate Nash, Elliott Smith) and recorded using Analogue tape. The result is a dreamy combination of spacey ease, Sabbath like attack and a charming Bowie like delivery.


Recent Action and Accolades


KEXP Features the Single “Do it” from the New Album “1, 2 AND A 3” on the “Music That Matters” Playlist 7/17/17


Branden Daniel Composes Original Duet Song “Dreaming of You” with Prom Queen for Disney 2016


Mtv/CMT Branden Daniel & the Chics compose Original Songs for TV Programming 2016


ELLE Magzine Spain Feature Article with Branden Daniel

Feb. 12 2015


"In Light" and the yet Unreleased New Single "Do it to death" are Licensed to 2015 Miramax Movie "Ditch Party" and it's Soundtrack


Feature Article on Branden Daniel & the Chics and their Music Video for “In Light” makes the front page of the Huffington Post Entertainment Section Nov. 24 2014


"In Light" Music Video goes into Heavy Rotation on MtvU Nov.11 2014


"In Light" on Rotation at KEXP, Fearless Radio (Chicago), InterFM(Tokyo), HollowEarth Radio + many more College Stations Nationwide


Branden Daniel & the Chics perform Live on KEXP Novemeber 2013


Branden Daniel & the Chics song “Mor Yay” featured on Vh1 2 hour Bruce Springsteen Concert in Hyde Park titled Hard Rock Rising 2012


Branden Daniel & the Chics’ song “Missionary” makes Top 10 Artists of 2012 on SiriusXM’s Underground Garage


Branden Daniel & the Chics song “All Things Chic” used for Vh1 Commercial Spot featuring the “Artist and Song for the Month” for September 2012


Branden Daniel & the Chics song “Mor Yay” is a featured song in the Need For Speed Video Game by EA Sports


Branden Daniel & the Chics song “All Things Chic” was featured in the Season 8 Episode 4 of MTV’s Beavis & Butthead


Branden Daniel & the Chics song “Mor Yay” was featured in Episode 8 of the CW show Heart of Dixie


Branden Daniel & the Chics song “So Alone” was featured in Episode 3 of 2011 Vh1 show Baseball Wives


Branden Daniel & the Chics Debut LP Keep Em Flying was signed by Zync Music Licensing


Branden Daniel & the Chics song “Mor Yay” was featured in the debut episode of the Vh1 new hit series Mob Wives


Branden Daniel & the Chics song “All Things Chic” was featured on MTV’s Third season of the Jersey Shore Jan. 17th 2011. With 8.4 Million viewers the episode was the most watched in it’s cable time slot that evening.


Branden Daniel & the Chics’ songs “Keep Em Flying” and “All Things Chic” were featured in the Vh1 reality series X-life on Jan. 17th 2011


Band History

 Breaking out of Seattle, Branden Daniel & the Chics toured the USA self-funded and self-driven over three years and released their debut album “Keep Em Flying” in May of 2012. The Album earned immediate critical acclaim as well as licensing deal after licensing deal. These included MTV’s Jersey Shore, the CW, EA Sports ‘Need for Speed’ 2012 and many, many more. There was also demand for their music on National Radio.  BD & the Chics’ song “Missionary” ranked in the Top 10 Songs of 2012 on SiriusXM’s Underground Garage.

 For their sophomore release BD & the Chics recorded a set of singles with Grammy Award Winning Producer Dennis Mackay (David Bowie, Jeff Beck) at East West Studios in Los Angeles. The first single Melt Chyo Heart w/ bside Don’t Have the Time was mastered by the revered Bernie Grundman and put out by Golden Image Records on 7” Vinyl in the Summer of 2013. Melt Chyo Heart made it on Major Radio on the East Coast of North America and quickly caught on with KEXP in the Pacific Northwest as well as Independent and College Radio.


More About the Band

Branden is a life long musician, born and raised in the North Western United States. The youngest of three and an auditory learner he grew up drawn to music and entertaining. When teen angst met with the deep empathic artist’s need to create, Branden at age 11 started crafting his own music playing the drums and his dad’s acoustic guitar. The combination of his involvement in the X Jones Gospel Choir at age 12 and the Garage bands he was forming with the best young musicians he could find moved him forward to the role of front man.

 Few people find themselves as single minded about what they will do with their life as Branden. “Art is not a career, an artist does not retire.” This is an artist that lives to share his creations and make them yours. He lists as some of his influences Bob Dylan, Kurt Cobain, John Lennon, David Bowie and John Lee Hooker but it is his interest in American Delta Blues, Folk and early R&B that seem to uniquely bend his sound.

 On Synth and Bass Guitar, Nathan Krause went to the Arizona School for the Arts. At a young age he played french horn and trained on piano every day as part of his education, but Nate would eventually switch to guitar and bass as he joined and formed Garage bands throughout his early twenties. Influenced both classically and by great songwriters from Lennon and McCartney to Mendelson, Springsteen and Harry Nilson. Nate’s unique abilities and depth brings a lot of color to the Chics’s sound.

On drums is Mathew Winter. Music has always been in his blood. Coming from a musical family with lots of instruments laying around, and in elementary school he blew his trumpet to the point of passing out. Always attracted to the loudest instrument, he soon switched to playing drums and trained with San Luis Obispo’s Dale Moon, which can be heard with his unique timing and striking technique. “When Matt first joined the band Branden had to buy a louder amp!”

Matt went to Cal-Poly University, with the intention of being a mechanical engineer. Once there he found he couldn’t resist his passion to create and perform music. Early influences include classics like James Brown, the Beach Boys, Dizzie Gillespie, Buddy Rich, Mahavishnu Orchestra and the psychedelic byproducts of jazz. As well as Seattle’s own classic influences like Nirvana, Hendrix and the Presidents.  Drums, bass, guitar and voice, Branden Daniel & the Chics are a three-piece band, but the sum is much greater than it’s parts. Inspired by Rhythm & Blues and Rock n’ Roll from the 50’s and 60’s, their sound is driven by the beat and kissed by sweet longing melodies. That noted this is not a Nostalgic act, there’s a magic that comes from this young band’s modern pop sensibilities. There’s opportunity in their sound, that rare experience where you both connect to what almost immediately feels familiar but you get an extra spoonful of unexpected excitement with each turn.

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